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12 November 2020 @ 12:10 am

I'm Cylsus, and I'm mainly in the H/D fandom on livejournal, with a smattering of other fandoms!

I like stars and skies (which you can probably tell, if you've seen any of my art)! This is...probably an odd thing to know about someone, but if you must know anything I'd like you to know that! For your enjoyment, here is a picture of a night sky:

(c) Brian Peterson. Sadly that is not actually me in the picture above, but I can hope.

I love new friends, so feel free to friend me (please also let me know where you know me from)!
15 April 2015 @ 01:39 pm
Dear Night on Fic Mountain Writer,

Apologies for my tardiness! Thank you for signing up to write for me, dear writer--guaranteed, I'll love anything you produce, but I've included some pointers below should you want some guidance!

[General fic preferences]I'm generally easy to please, but my one absolute must is a happy ending--nothing overly saccharine, but something hopeful, sweet; a silver lining, that would be wonderful.

Please don't include major character deaths, dark!fic, non-con, extreme/unrelenting angst (a thing that is good in moderation!), epithets, character bashing, and infidelity. I'm not very interested in kink (BDSM, fetishes, etc.) and if you're writing sex, please make it relevant to the plot rather than PWP. I'm not fond of crossovers nor AU (unless otherwise noted) but divergent timelines, fix-it!fic, etc., is all good. I'm also not terribly fond of misunderstandings arising from a simple miscommunication, love at first sight, extreme violence, crack!fic, stories with nothing but fluff, and ambiguous endings.

I loveeee world-building, slow build-up to romance (if there is any), character development, humour, awkwardness, banter/snark/bickering, people being awesome, girls being BAMF, close friendships, people being insecure and getting over it, equality in relationships, and meta that develops through a plot.

These are all suggestions of course; please don't feel obligated to include them if you don't want to!

[Fandom-specific preferences]
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Mikoshiba Mikoto, Nozaki Mayu, Hori Masayuki)

I love this manga--it’s hilarious and sweet without being slapstick or overly melodramatic. I ship Hori and Kashima fiercely, but if that's not your thing, no worries! If you feel like writing gen than I'd love Mikoshiba-centric fic--I like how he's both so sauve and the biggest dork alive. I have no strong feelings about any other ships, so if you feel like convincing me that Mayu/Mikorin is the best, etc., go ahead! I would prefer any fic to be character-centric rather than pairing focused, if that's possible. I think it's equally possible to explore the deeper motivations behind what we're given at face value, but I also think comedic gen is great, so have at it!

I don’t watch the anime at all, so I’m not sure if there are differences between that and the manga; I don’t think the anime has quite caught up to there yet, so if you’d rather stay within anime canon, that’s completely fine.

How to Get Away with Murder (Oliver Hampton, Connor Walsh)

Okay obviously I would love Oliver/Connor fic, but also I am a complete Connor stan, I'm sorry. I have a type and apparently that's mouthy assholes who are simultaneously supremely fragile. So! If you have to choose, Connor-centric fic would be great! Friendships, his interactions with everyone else, or maybe even backstory etc. I also just really love the show and the environment it's situated in, so maybe you could write case-fic, or partial AU (what would have happened if X hadn't done this thing?) fic, if that's your thing.

Mulan (Fa Mulan)

ANYTHING. Seriously, anything, I love Mulan so much--she's the heroine of my heart and despite whatever issues I may have with Disney I love this movie. It would make me tremendously happy to have anything with Mulan kicking ass and just being an awesome female character. FYI, the sequel is terrible so I don't believe it exists. Feel free to include any other characters, or even an AU setting (if you can somehow work in a bit of her backstory as well)!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti)

This show is just genuinely funny and heartfelt without resorting to cruder forms of humour. I love Gina and her entire confident, snarky, lazy being, and I love Rosa and her entire confident, bad-ass, violent being. I just love ladies and confidence! Ladies kicking-ass! Anything with either lady, really. I also love the other characters on B99 as well, so feel free to include an ensemble cast, if you wish!